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Make Your 3D Projects a Reality

Professional 3D Solutions Under One Roof


Get the most accurate digital models of your small or large objects with our 3D scanning service. 

Our cutting-edge metrology grade 3D laser scanners are extremely precise, with up to 0.02mm accuracy.

We can provide you with various CAD/CAM applications including reverse engineering, industrial design, product development and prototyping.

3D Scanning Options with CADMesh

3D Scan Drop-off Service

Our 3D scanning experts will scan your object at our office and provide you with a 3D file.

You can drop off or ship your object to our office. We will run the scan and then return your object.

3D Scan at Your Location

If the object is too large or delicate to be transported or needs to be captured on-site, a 3D scanning expert will come to you.

We have hand-held and portable scanners allowing us to scan just about anything.

3D Scanning Work-flow

Object Preparation
and Styling


3D Scanning
Digitalization of Item

Post Processing
and Analysis

3D Model

3D Print

3D Printer

As 3D manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide custom solutions for the entire 3D development process, from prototyping to commercial printing.

Cutting Edge Printers


Durable, High Quality Materials

Experienced Advisor Team


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As the number of software tools for creating 3D files has expanded, so too has the number of file types. Many software publishers have their own proprietary 3D file formats. In addition, neutral file formats designed to work with every major 3D software have only added to the number of standards currently in use.

With all these file types around, we offer an essential and reliable file conversion tool that provides you with full confidentiality.
All submitted files are permanently deleted from our server after conversion.

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