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Who We Are

CADMesh is a DBA branch of CADMesh Technologies LLC.

We started as an online store selling personalized 3D printed parts. As the business grew and other customized products were created, we progressively incorporated more advanced CAD/CAM techniques to our processes. By integrating 3D scanning to our workflow, we were able to speed up our product development cycle, tailoring all designs for profitability and efficiency.
We then translated the know-how gained with our own projects and started offering 3D scanning and prototyping services as a branch of our company. Throughout the years, we have supported many businesses and individuals to develop unique projects and accomplish their 3D manufacturing goals.
We enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to create new solutions every day. We treat every single project with the same level of enthusiasm and care.

We strive to support small businesses, independent projects, individual makers and hobbyists by offering affordable prices.

Core Values




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